Rugby World Cup 2015
CLIENT: IMG / Rugby World Cup
ROLE: Illustration
TYPE: Print / Outdoor
IMG comissioned me to create a series of illustrations for the Rugby World Cup. These were then displayed in the Fanzones across the UK for the tournament.

I created several different illustrations adding an extra element of excitement for the fans.
STAGE 1 – SHARD PLAYERInitially I experimented creating an illustration of a famous player made out of shards breaking, however it was felt that the player needed to be more generic and the shapes should look more like ticker tape. 
STAGE 2 – TICKER TAPE PLAYERI drew a more generic player made from different ticker tape shapes to distinguish his features. While this was a stronger concept, the details may have been difficult to see at a smaller size.
STAGE 3 – FINAL PLAYERThe finalised illustration used more defined shapes so that the character silhouette would stand out even when using a single colour.